Here are the changes...


  • Auto hide
    • Disappearing auto-hide button fixed
      • Auto-hide does not happen if a modal dialog box is open
      • Adjusted timing of hide/show to avoid deadlocking errors
    • Auto-hide does not happen while the mouse button is depressed, allowing dragging from external windows without having to go back to the button first
    • Auto-hide icon updated
    • Alt+Shift+Z keyboard shortcut will now unhide the PersonalBrain window and set the keyboard focus into the search box
  • Memory management
    • Maximum Java memory usage adjusted
    • New option in preferences to displays memory usage information in toolbar
    • Catches out of memory exception when resizing window and switches to solid background if necessary
  • Attachments
    • Extensions on drag and drop are automatically removed from the thought name
    • Fixed: clicking on an attachment immediately after moving the file into the Brain results in a file not found message until a different thought is highlighted
  • Notes load faster when activating/highlighting thoughts
  • Changed method of opening files on Linux/Unix to “start” command by default
  • Open with command on Mac/Linux/Unix allows user to input a command to be used to open the file
  • Program icon updated
  • Fixed registration problems
    • Toolbar button updates when registered
    • OK button is no longer disabled




March 8, 2007

  • Performance
    • Eliminated slowdown and CPU hit when indexing thoughts
      • Fixes slowdown when creating thoughts in very large brains
      • Makes rebuilding of an index much faster
  • Mac OS X
    • Fixed problem that prevented startup in
Hi Harlan,

can you check which version is posted? Although the link says, the file that downloads is I've downloaded and installed it, and it pops up saying a new version is available. All the relevant files in /opt/PersonalBrain are dated yesterday....
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.



I've verified the posted version... Please try again after clearing your browser cache. The installer should be named ..._4_0_3_2





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