I have noticed that sometimes IE7 webpage cannot be dragged and dropped into PersonalBrain and I could not figure out why.

Today, I think I figured out the reason, I think this is a bug for PB.

I was in a brain which I am trying to drag and drop a web page into it to create a new thought, I find out it's not working. When the page is dragged into PB, the cursor changed into the circle with a bar indicating it's not possible. In the same brain, there is another thought which has a link, so I clicked on it, a new IE7 windows popped up, and guess what, all the web pages in the new IE7 window can be dragged and dropped into PB with no problem.

Anyone else had this problem before? It's very easy to reproduce. All you need is to create two IE7 windows, at least one of them won't be able to do the drag and drop thingy which PB claim to be able to.

Help or Comment is really appreciated.


Just read the rule, I am updating my signature to include my OS, Java version and PB version

Brain Matters!
Profile 1 - PB:
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1
Java: 1.6.0_07
Profile 2 - PB:
OS: WInXP running inside VMware
Java: 1.6.0_06

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