This release features two major enhancements. Auto sync will sync your Brain automatically every 5 minutes and the redesigned attachments list not only looks better, but will save you time. Also of note: there is now a sync button on the toolbar that shows sync status.


July 30, 2010

·         Automatic Sync

o    If the option “Sync this Brain automatically” is selected, a sync is automatically performed every 5 minutes.

o    Note: When a sync is done any changes made locally will no longer be undoable. In order to prevent accidental loss of undo functionality, automatic syncs are not performed within 30 seconds of any undoable activity. Or, to put it another way, automatic sync will not start until no changes have been made within the last 30 seconds.

o    If you are not online, sync cannot be performed, however when your connection to the Internet is restored, syncing will automatically resume

·         Sync Toolbar Button

o    Press this to initiate a sync

o    Animates while a sync is in progress

o    This button replaces the search web button

·         Redesigned Attachments List Display

o    Displays longer names and locations without truncation – you will never need to resize columns again

o    Larger attachment icons including image previews

o    Header row removed – change sorting using the sort button in the toolbar

·         Fixes

o    Improved error handling for WebBrain synchronization

o    Fixed: Sometimes fails to detect that the brain is open in another process

o    Fixed: When a new Brain GUID is assigned, Thought URLs in attachments are not updated

o    Fixed: When activating siblings, the scroll position of the siblings changes randomly

o    Fixed: Wallpaper preference does not ask for file if one is missing

o    Fixed: Selecting the existing icon for a thought as a new icon deletes the icon

o    Fixed: Spacebar can't be used to select menus

o    Fixed: In some cases, selecting tags causes an exception message (bug 1121)

o    Fixed: Link properties dialog does not show some controls if link name is very long

o    Fixed: Thought types list does not update after a type has been deleted



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