This release includes various enhancements and fixes for WebBrain sync and is important if you are using this feature.



August 2, 2010

·         WebBrain Sync Enhancements

o    The time of the last successful sync is displayed at the top of the WebBrain sync dialog

o    More efficient status storage and status querying

o    Better error reporting

o    The time of the local machine is verified against that of the server

§  Sync will not function properly if the local clock is not accurately set

§  If there is too large a discrepancy between the local and server times, sync will not proceed. To fix this error, set the local time of your machine correctly

o    Fixed: If a Brain is not synced for a long time and another copy of that brain is set to continual automatic sync, sync may malfunction

o    Fixed: The accelerator and hint text for the sync toolbar button is wrong

o    Temporary files used for sync and other operations are cleaned up more efficiently

·         Updated installer platform


August 2, 2010

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Sync time is not measured correctly

o    Fixed: Problems reporting the last successful sync time

o    Fixed: Missing border around the list of attachments


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