This release contains many improvements and fixes including: speed improvements, updating of tools on keyboard highlight, hierarchical thought type display, resizing of the selection box, important WebBrain sync fixes, and much more. Read on for the complete list...



August 8, 2010

·         Keyboard Enhancements

o    The keyboard navigation highlight indicator updates the tools when the “Update tools on highlight of Thoughts” preference is enabled

o    Added new accelerators to toggle the following preferences: Update tools on highlight of Thoughts, Activate last created Thought, Copy/Cut/Paste notes as text

o    Fixed: Esc should not exit presentation mode if keyboard navigation is active

·         Create Thought Dialog Changes

o    Fixed various problems with consistency, drawing, hiding, and showing of the types and tags pop-ups

o    Enter key can be used for OK even when keyboard focus is on type/tag button

o    Fixed: Sometimes the source thought is not indicated correctly by the link line

o    Fixed: Keyboard focus is not set to the name edit field sometimes

o    Fixed: Esc key does not work properly (green line remains and does not hide pop-ups for type/tag)

o    Fixed: Sometimes the Create Thought Dialog goes behind the main window

·         Attachment Select Dialog

o    Enables sorting options

o    Sizes according to the number of attachments better

o    Allows single click to select an item

o    Allows keyboard selection of an item

·         Attachment List Fixes

o    Fixed: Large images slow down performance

o    Fixed: Icons for images don't retain their correct aspect ratio

o    Fixed: Icons are not shown properly in Mac OS and Linux

·         Other Changes and Additions

o    Thought Types window displays types hierarchically

o    When a message is added via drag and drop from Outlook with the Ctrl key held down and the message is made internal, notes are still added, just like when linking

o    Dragging to create links can be canceled by pressing Esc before releasing the mouse button

o    The Thought selection box can be resized

o    Clicking on a search result for an event activates the event in the calendar

o    Edit event dialog fits on a smaller screen

o    Thought tab uses two rows when there is a long thought name

o    Copy/cut/paste accelerators work in the attachments list

o    Brain XML DTD updated (removed unused elements)

·         Added Chinese translation

·         WebBrain Sync Fixes

o    Fixed: When syncing a large number of changes, the sync may seem to complete, but changes are not integrated

·         Other Fixes

o    Fixed: In some cases, clicking the “Save” button on the edit event dialog does not work.

o    Fixed: Outlook icon does not load

o    Fixed: Sometimes typed Thought colors do not show until activation

o    Fixed: Clicks that occur just after dismissing a context menu may be misinterpreted as clicks at the old mouse co-ordinates

o    Fixed: When resizing instant activate list, the display does not update properly

o    Fixed: When a link is highlighted, the two thoughts that are highlighted are not drawn at the top of the Z order

o    Fixed: Google Calendar sync does inform that authentication has failed if the domain information is missing

o    Fixed: Brain XML Export may not work under some circumstances

o    Fixed: Search results for Events without thoughts linked do not show properly

o    Fixed: Importing files does not show the correct number of folders being imported and does not allow a second import

o    Fixed: Thought icons are sometimes lost when syncing (also fixes other potential but unreported errors with thought type icons)

o    Removed the non-applicable "default" button when setting UI colors

o    Fixed: Sometimes the color button does not know it is the default color

o    Fixed: Thought Icons do not propagate properly

o    Fixed: Thought Types Window does not update as changes are made in the types hierarchy

o    Fixed: Illegal characters can cause problems when renaming a file

o    Fixed: When a file type is changed via rename, the icon of the Thought is not updated

o    Fixed: Attachments context menu is missing open and remove commands for URLs

o    Fixed: The attachment select dialog does not work properly for the remove and open with commands



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