Uploading of large Brains to WebBrain, precise event times and more...



August 21, 2010

·         WebBrain Sync

o    If an initial upload of a Brain is interrupted, the next time you sync PersonalBrain will offer to resume the previous upload

o    Fixed: Uploads of more than 2 GB do not work

·         Precise Event Times

o    Event times can now be entered using the keyboard to set times precise to the minute

·         Other Changes and Additions

o    Added accelerator for inserting date/time into notes (Ctrl+D).

o    Create Duplicate Child accelerator changed (Ctrl+Shift+D)

o    Updated German translation

·         Fixes:

o    Updated notes editor component (fix for startup in German locale)

o    Adjusted Thought Window layout when name is on a separate row

o    Fixed: When assigning a new Brain GUID, the last completed sync date is not cleared

o    Fixed: OWL import does not inform user of the need to download the necessary libraries

o    Fixed: When a BrainZip is used to move a Brain from one computer to another, sometimes icons are not accurate until Thoughts are clicked

o    Fixed: When a BrainZip is being created, no progress dialog is shown

o    Various fixes for exceptions related to failing to load images for preview

o    Fixed: Loading of scaled images causes PB to hang

o    Fixed: Scaled image files are not deleted when files are deleted

o    Fixed: The selected attachment is lost during mouse-over of another Thought

o    Fixed: Sorting attachments by date does not work

o    Fixed: Overlap of text in attachments window

o    Fixed: Past Thought list scroll button appears in the wrong place at startup

o    Fixed: File length is not getting put into the database

o    Fixed: When importing some MindManager files, notes are not imported

o    Updated library for docking framework



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