Here it is - the release candidate for 6.0... A few important fixes and some minor improvements. Thanks again to all of you who have helped throughout the beta period with suggestions, feedback, and bug reports!

Version (Release Candidate)

September 29, 2010

·         Miscellaneous Enhancements

o    Added commands to change thought privacy to the Edit menu

o    Displays the progress of background event processing when a brain is closing

o    The search results window displays using system colors

o    Double clicking an empty area of the attachments area shows the add attachment dialog

o    Attachment sorting preference is universal

·         Outlook Integration

o    When a contact is added from Outlook, the company name is used for the Thought name if the name of a person is not available.

o    Fixed: Drag and drop of multiple items with the same name at once does not work

·         WebBrain Sync Fixes

o    Fixed: Syncing of pins to WebBrain does not work properly and sometimes results in a loss of pins

o    Fixed: Default notes style information (in notes.css) is not used when accessed from WebBrain

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Types popup menu does not close when spacebar is pressed

o    Fixed: Improper XML files with duplicate tags and types cause a null exception

o    Fixed: Various issues with Type and Tag menus on Linux

o    Fixed: Problems with renaming brain after sync

o    Fixed: When a brain is moved from Windows to Mac OS and there are external attachments, their location is not displayed properly

o    Fixed: Right-clicking on an attachment should not start the rename process

o    Fixed: Deleting a tag does not remove it from the past thought list and pins display

o    Fixed: You shouldn't be able to assign a tag to a thought type

o    Fixed: If the set Thought color popup is open and you activate a different thought, it should disappear

o    Fixed: Pressing the spacebar to center active thought in expanded view does not work

o    Fixed: Confirm dialog can sometimes appear underneath the progress dialog when pasting, preventing confirmation

o    Fixed: Registration information is saved in the wrong location under Windows XP


Hi Everyone. FYI, went up a few hours ago and fixes the problem with pins not loading except on initial startup.
Harlan is up and is for anyone was is having problems with loading your Brain in This problem is isolated to users who have pins to virtual Thoughts.

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