PersonalBrain includes a variety of fixes and support for TeamBrain services (currently only available in private beta).



October 29, 2010

·         Modification info in reports

o    Reports has an option to show when changes were made for each Thought

o    This option also shows who made the changes if they were not made by the current user

·         TeamBrain Services Support

o    Support for multiple users collaborating on a Brain requires a TeamBrain Services subscription (currently only available in private beta)

o    User information for each change is tracked through WebBrain

§  The Thought Details window shows which user made the last modification

·         Localizations

o    Updated translations for Chinese, German and French

o    Japanese translation of tips

·         Fixes

o    If there is a problem while syncing to WebBrain, additional troubleshooting information is provided so errors happening on the server can be easily found

o    Updated libraries for docking framework

o    Changed Windows graphics settings for broader compatibility

o    Fixed: Exceptions after closing brain

o    Fixed: Cannot open Brains created in PersonalBrain 4.X.

o    Fixed: Open BrainZips under some circumstances causes and OutOfMemory error

o    Fixed: Problems due to missing Thought icons failing to load



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