This release includes a variety of fixes plus enhancements including reporting on link types and enhanced Google calendar sync.



November 4, 2010

·         Reporting on link types

o    Under the “All” dropdown in reports, there is a “Link Types” submenu

o    Selecting a link type shows all Thoughts connected by the selected type

·         Google Calendar Sync

o    Support for exceptions to repeating events

§  If an exception has been added to a repeating event in your Google Calendar, the exception is reflected in PersonalBrain.

§  This change prevents a variety of other calendar sync related problems from occurring

o    Improved error handling and logging

·         Replace Attachment Locations command

o    “Replace Attachment Locations” now can be undone and redone.

o    Fixed: Rebuilding the database after using the “Replace Attachments Locations” utility causes old locations to return.

·         Repair Orphaned Attachments Utility Added

o    This command is for use if any of the following has happened:

§  An attachment was added but did not appear

§  An attachment was added and it is reported to be already attached but the thought with the attachment could not be activated

o    The command reviews all attachments in the brain’s database and repairs any missing references

o    If attachments are found whose original thought is unknown, they are added to the home thought

·         Localizations

o    Updated translations for German

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Adding of attachments sometimes does not work correctly

o    Fixed: Certain unusual problems while syncing with WebBrain

o    Fixed: “Today” in reports does not report today’s date if PersonalBrain has been open for longer than a day

o    Fixed: Undo of set link type cannot be redone

o    Fixed: Toolbar of reports panel does not wrap properly, causing the scrollbar of the reports window to appear off-screen in some cases

o    Fixed: Problems with continuous database backup when there are more than 500,000 links

o    Fixed: Backup file for the entries table may increase dramatically in size without an apparent cause



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