This release contains various minor enhancements and fixes.


February 3, 2010

·         Enhancements

o    A progress bar is displayed when attachments are being copied/moved during copy/paste and drag and drop operations.

o    Advanced search values now get reset only after a new regular search has been performed.

o    Updated French, German and Chinese localizations

o    Only one error message is displayed if unable to delete multiple files.

o    Sync downloads data in chunks to ensure that large downloads complete and can be resumed

o    Better handling of brain:// links from 3rd party applications on Windows

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Google calendar sync problems caused by date parsing and unnecessary white spaces.

o    Fixed: Text for reminder after one year is plural.

o    Fixed: Problem with import of outline.

o    Deletion of multiple files at a time is more reliable.

o    Fixed: On failure to delete multiple files, a separate message is displayed for each file.

o    Clarified WebBrain error message when user account cannot be validated.


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