This release includes a variety of fixes plus speed imrpovements for very large brains. It is available now for testing prior to general release.


July 30, 2011

·         Faster instant activation for very large brains

·         Added Portuguese translation, including tips

·         Fixes

o    Fixed: Editor icons display incorrectly in Mac OS X Lion

o    Fixed: Problem with opening a thought URL to an already opened brain

o    Fixed: Virtual thought pins do not display after a brain is closed and opened

o    Fixed: Renaming an attachment can cause an assigned icon to disappear

o    Fixed: Graphics copied and pasted from one note to another are changed

o    Fixed: In notes, the text cursor does not change color if the notes colors are changed

o    Fixed: If you attempt to move a file into your Brain which is no longer in its original location, sometimes the progress tracker appears above the message box

·         Changes for future WebBrain compatibility


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