There are many useful tutorials on PB but it can be a chore to search for them, so here is my current collection. Please add to this thread if you discover other useful ones, particularly those not originating from TheBrainTechnologies.

Official tutorials
Althought these are in .MP4 format, not YouTube's well known .FLV format, I include them for the sake of completeness as they are polished and comprehensive. You may not need to venture further than the above link. This thought, Tutorials, is a child thought of Support and also Learning Zone. The tutorials can be downloaded using well known browser plugins.

TheBrainTechnologies YouTube Channel
Searching TheBrain's own WebBrain for "YouTube" produced no results, which is the main reason for this post. However, their YouTube channel is alive and well, and contains several recent additions. Although this is the obvious URL to use:
I found that changing the URL to
is better as this version displays the full list together with thumbnails of each video. Here is the current list, ranked in date uploaded, the most recent at the top:

6 New Features in PersonalBrain 6
Keyboard Shortcuts in PersonalBrain
Wander Mode in PersonalBrain
Creating BrainZips
PersonalBrain and OneNote
Stop Searching Start Seeing Part 3
Stop Searching Start Seeing Part2
Stop Searching Start Seeing Part 1
Importing Mind Maps
Mind Mapping Future Trends Part 3
Mind Mapping Future Trends Part 2
Mind Mapping Future Trends Part 1
Matt's PersonalBrain
Importing and Exporting Outlines in PersonalBrain
PersonalBrain and the Knowledge Web
PersonalBrain Integration with Mac Mail, iCal and Address Book
PersonalBrain Tips and Tricks
PersonalBrain for Non Linear Project Management
Favorite 5 new Features in PersonalBrain 5.5
Tool Tabs in PersonalBrain
PersonalBrain's Reports Tool
Linking Distant Thoughts in PersonalBrain
PersonalBrain Notes Tool

Matt Caton's YouTube Channel
Matt is well known to us as a presentor of many fine tutorials, although in the list below, Shelley Hayduk is often the presentor instead. These videos are less formal than those in the first two categories and often relate to earlier versions of PB. In many cases the version used is unstated but is probably 4, 4.5 or 5. The last video was added one year ago. However, these videos contain plenty of useful ideas and tips supplementing those of  the two previous groups, so are worth watching.

Organizing Information
Using PersonalBrain for Education
Thought Relationships
An interview with Harlan Hugh and Jerry Michalski on PersonalBrain
File Templates
A Tour of Jerry's Brain
PersonalBrain Tags
Customizing your PersonalBrain
Quickly create thoughts in PersonalBrain
New Features of PersonalBrain 5
Outlook Integration with PersonalBrain
PersonalBrain: Copying Thoughts
The PersonalBrain Selection Box
Importing and Exporting Outlines in PersonalBrain (v4.5)
Creating, Linking and Deleting Thoughts
PersonalBrain Tips: Adding Attachments
Tracy's Movie Brain
Jerry Michalski's Brain
Matt's PersonalBrain (v4)

Miscellaneous videos

Some PersonalBrain Tips (hherbzilla)

hherbzilla is a member of our forum.

Personalbrain cyber style (dcannell Jan 2009)

Darren Cannell, an educator, uses PB v3 projected on a screen. Poor quality video; not recommended except to compare with PB's much improved Presentation Mode.

Personal Brain 4 Review (zzzmarcus, 2007)

marcus is a member of our forum.

Using a Dedicated Monitor for PB

Alan Rhodes

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