Currently, the Home button is global, so it always navigates to the same thought, regardless of which tab is open. I'd like a "Per-Tab Home Thoughts" preference setting that would change the behavior of the Home button, so it can be set to a different thought in each tab. Additionally, we should have the option to lock the tab title to its home thought title, even after navigating to other thoughts within the tab.

The reason most people use tabs is to maintain different views into the plex. For example, you might use one tab for personal thoughts and a separate tab for work-related thoughts. I dedicate one of my tabs to my to-do list. This works great, except when I navigate into my to-do hierarchy, the tab title changes to the title of the currently active thought, making it difficult to identify which tab I'm using for my to-do list. Moreover, even when I can identify the tab, it often requires multiple clicks to navigate back up through the hierarchy to the root of the to-do list.

I'd like to be able to set my root to-do thought as the home thought for that specific tab. That way, my To-Do tab would always be titled "To-Do", making it easy to identify the tab, even when viewing other thoughts within the to-do hierarchy. Finally, I could simply click the Home button to quickly navigate to the top of the to-do list.

The concept of a global home button is really a relic from the early days of web browsing, where you'd set your home page to something like Yahoo directory, Nowadays, browsers allow you to remove the home button entirely, as it's no longer relevant to how most people surf the web. Likewise, since any thought can link to any other thought, The Brain is not limited to a fixed hierarchy; but a Brain may contain many mini-hierarchies. Therefore, I think it makes sense to at least provide an option for per-tab home thoughts.

Yes, tabs should have their own titles I agree something like "ToDo" or "Project X" with their own Home thoughts. As I have mentioned before, they would have other customizable or automatically recorded "separate" information so they are somewhat independent work environments including their own "pins," histories, colors (or backgrounds), etc. I realize someone said tabs already have separate histories. 

I agree the naming of tabs is fine the way it is, but I think the user should be able to override the default name. 

I agree there should be general "pins" that apply to all tabs but there would also be tab specific pins. 

It should be possible to save tabs. In other words, if a tab is closed, it can be restored in its previous condition from a saved tabs list.

I realize some things may have changed since the tab was saved such as deletion of thought(s) but that can be dealt with. 
FYI, you can close TheBrain via File>Exit and it will restore all windows with all the former tabs.
(In case you meant "it should be possible to restore tabs...", I am not sure)
I have set this to ctrl+F4 in Preferences>Keyboard.

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The home thought plays a very important roll in each Brain you create.  Multiple home thoughts in a single brain database would be difficult, if not impossible to create. I don't mean to shut down the feature request so bluntly and I do understand the inquiry, but maybe it could be accomplished with a new feature and leave the home thought functionality untouched...

One easy way to set this up now would be with the Pins.  Just Pin the important "starting thoughts" you want to activate for each tab...

@mcaton, thank you for considering this as a new feature request. I use pins frequently, but since pins are global, it’s not the same thing as having a local home button for each tab. Please consider this, in combination with the ability to lock the tab title to a tab-specific home thought. When a tab title is locked, it could display a lock icon. That would make tabs a lot more useful, as each tab could then be its own workspace. 

I think this is a word game. Whether it is called a home thought or a pin, there should be the ability to have pins specific to a tab.

Yes, I realize tabs are restored on start up, but I would like it to go further. I would like the ability to restore a tab after it has been closed.

So, let's say I have 100 open projects. I wouldn't want 100 open tabs.

I would like the ability to open up a project tab like it was when I closed it perhaps months ago.

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