Recently while I was searching for 'photo organization' software, I realized that TB might, with a few changes, be a great tool for organizing and displaying photos. 

Here are the few changes I can think of that could start TB on its way to being a photo organizer:

1. This is probably the most important one: make TB render pictures faster.  Currently when I hover over a 3M JPG, it can take a few seconds for the picture to render.
2. Create a full-screen mode where only the photo is shown -- nothing from TB should be visible except a black background/border.
3. Allow all photo files from the same Thought, and from multiple selected Thoughts, to be rendered in TB.  The display options should be 'thumbnail mode' (the user selects thumbnail size) or full-screen mode (the user clicks through each picture).  While in thumbnail mode the user should be able to jump to full-screen mode by clicking an image, and then return to thumb-nail mode by pressing esc.
4. While viewing a photo, the user should be able to open the photo in external software (for editing, etc).



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