I use Google's Picasa to manage pictures at home.  It's great because it doesn't really matter where I put my pics - Picasa auto-find and auto-sorts them by date - I can view my life in pictures on a timeline.

I think it would be cool to view my thoughts on a timeline too, similar to Picasa. e.g., organize my thoughts or attachments, or calendar entries, etc... in order of entry letting me select year, month, etc.

Also, having a "publish brain to the web" function would be cool; allowing for part of all of a brain to be published to a public site.

Also, using Brain as a Blog site would be cool too... The idea list can go on and on and on...
I think this is a great idea!

My first immediate concern is with Brainzip unzipping, since ALL files are given the date stamp of the unzipping date. Major irritation!

I've often thought (no pun intended) about this possibility for project management in combination with arrowed links and thought dates (planned and actual). This could be really powerful in getting project action sequences right, and project progress correct. Even logic could be implemented.

The presentation could be slightly different to Picasa, e.g. the timeline screen could be in a table format with date on the bottom (horisontal axis), and the different chains of thought above (also horisontal, but presented in rows with with each arrowed link in the same row). This presentation form would be similar to gantt charts, but it could be a better form, considering the zoom function of the Expanded mode.

Please add this to the wish list!
It's probably best suited for PB 5.5 or even PB6.0, but I'm suggesting it now!

PB is GREAT, but I believe it needs more options in presenting the thoughts. E.g. saved views, (and/or) "view-thoughts" (thought presenting views or other thoughts in a specific way), thoughtseeker (search-thoughts), 'table'-thoughts (thoughts producing tables or similar structured format of thoughts)

Rgds, Aksel

I like the timeline view idea.  I've even brought it up before, but instead of basing it on the thought's creation date or the date/time stamp of files attached to thoughts, I would like to see it implemented as a customizable sort order for user defined thought attributes (kind of like a mesh between link/thought types and tags).


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