When creating links to existing thoughts the following happened:

- Screen is redrawn and the active thought is temporarily shown without any links at all
- Other thoughts reappear
- Message that the beta is reconnecting to the database
- Pins are gone
- History is gone, but reappears after closing and opening the brain

I first feared that my brain got corrupted, but everything seems to be fine, except that I have to recreate the pins

Windows XP SP2
I've been experiencing the same thing. I sent my log to support yesterday.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I've seen similar behavior with concerning the links.

When in expanded mode, and I have a sufficently *crowded* plex, when I create a new link (doesn't matter if p/c/j) to an existing thought, the plex "explodes", leaving only the active thought, and then it starts drawing in the links and arranging thoughts. It's the same "explosion" behavior that 4.1 had when a link had its link type changed from default/unknown to some defined type, or when a link had its color changed--- while in expanded mode.

I've noticed that when the expanded plex isn't crowded, this exploding behavior on linking thoughts does not happen.

However, I have not had the problem with pins disappearing, and only had it report "reconnecting to database" only once while doing the "exploding" behavior, and that was under 4.1.
rtimmer, I experienced EXACTLY the same thing you describe.

Same as you, the only thing that seems to have been affected are the pins which needed to be re-created.  Other than that, the brain seems unaffected.

Also using:
Windows XP SP2
Java 1.6.0_03
Confirmed. Same issue.
As stated elsewhere: FYI, there is very little danger of losing data in PB 4.2 - it is much more reliable than 4.1 in this regard. The database disconnection message is present so that we can track down remaining problems in the code. You will not lose data due to a disconnection (other than preferences such as pins) - you might have to restart PB however if the reconnection fails for some reason.

We hope to have a fix for this shortly.

Harlan, thank your for the explanation. I now feel a lot more comfortable with PB4.2.


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