Today, I am starting a new brain.

This is an uneasy decision. A single brain would have worked better for me. Now I have more than one brain to search through, and so every search is going to be a hassle. 

However, my existing Brain has grown too big, and IT'S NOT FORGETTING ANYTHING. So it's cluttered. Cluttered is not good for GTD, and is contrary to what I choose TheBrain for - to unclutter. A new brain has this fresh uncluttered feel to it - an old one does not, not to me.

I know there is the "forget the thought" option, but how many thoughts am I going to forget manually? Besides, I don't want to forget thoughts completely. I want to archive them. I want them to automatically and gradually fade, while always being on the background if I really need them; just like in a human brain.

By fading, I mean literal graying out, like in fog; and also being less prominent otherwise.

Then again, just like in a human brain, thoughts that have been accessed recently, or thoughts that have associations with thought that have been accessed recently, or thoughts with major neural pathways to them, stay.

What do you think?


That's a great suggestion. Perhaps Thoughts can be greyed more and more the longer you do not access them directly? I will add this as a feature request.

Very interesting idea.
Interesting idea indeed.

But it must optional, because it's going against the idea of TB that is able to remember everything for me indefinitely. The power is that while browsing TB you come across stuff your wet brain has forgotten. If TB also has 'forgotten' it it's really lost. You might access something which has a related thought you haven't visited in 10 years and suddenly you can now connect it or use it for something recent. If it gets foggy it won't grab your attention anymore.

The best way to reduce clutter is to rigorously maintain your brain, with sub-thoughts, tags and types. Yes it does take time, but it's also the power.
PB user since 1998

Mind over matter?
I don't mind and it doesn't matter.
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I dislike this idea, unless I have very good control over what ideas will be "forgotten". I think a better idea is to provide a scripting engine WITHIN the Brain, and allow me to control attributes of ideas / nodes via my own logic.

And if you like this idea, please think carefully about what scripting language to use, rather than defaulting to "the obvious". Thx... [smile]
I agree with Steeph and SimpleThinker - I would like to memorize all old stuff in my brain. If you like to get it out, why not do report (all thoughts, sort by activation date) and then simply select and forgot/delete all the old stuff? This way you'd still have manual control of what exactly is forgotten. Certainly a bit of work for the first time, but if you make it a monthly excercise it should stay manageable afterwards ;-)
(Or, alternatively, when you have these in the report, add a dedicated tag "Irrelevant" and use filtering afterwards to only show relevant thoughts on the plex...)
I'm sure something like this, if implemented, would be strongly optional and not forced upon anyone.
This sounds like a brilliant option. It could work along the lines of a pop up saying: "You haven't visited thought x in y days - would you like to forget it?" That would also auto-prompt the reconsideration of old thoughts.
Great idea Joanna!

One way of doing this could be to:

- First grey out thoughts (according to a pre-defined time period with no access to the thought).
- Then collapse them (after a second pre-defined period with no access), forcing the user to press a button (+ sign on the parent thought, for example) to access older thoughts.

An easy way to mark thoughts as "unforgettable" should also be available.

Very interesting discussion -- and possibilities!

FWIW, here are a few of my initial thoughts about (1) how I'm currently using TheBrain and (2) how a new "Archive" option might be implemented.....

Forgotten Thoughts = Temporary Trash Can
I currently store the vast majority of my digital data in a megabrain, and several years into the process of working with this megabrain, it began slowing down.

After considerable investigation, I discovered I had almost 1000 forgotten thoughts, and when I deleted them completely, the performance problems and speed issues disappeared completely.

For this reason, I now treat the "Forget" thought option simply as a temporary trash can, and I eventually clear it completely once the number of forgotten thoughts begins to grow large again.

I also delete thoughts whenever possible (instead of "forgetting" them) to avoid increasing the size of my "Forgotten" thought collection.

Grey Thoughts = Archived Thoughts
Since I haven't wanted to use the "Forgotten" thought option for storing thoughts I might eventually want to retrieve, I currently create archives throughout my mega brain whenever I have thoughts I want to remove from prominent view.
-- I start by creating a parent thought called "Archive" wherever it is needed and I put under it all the thoughts I want to archive in that area of TheBrain.
-- Then I change all of these thoughts to an "Archive" thought type which has a grey font color.

The benefit of this strategy is that all my "archived" thoughts are still visible in the plex and in the instant activation search -- and I can immediately recognize which are archived and which are not based on the grey font color.

New Archive Feature in TheBrain?
I personally would like forgotten thoughts to always disappear from the plex.

However, I think it would also be great if TheBrain included an option for archiving (hiding) thoughts in the plex and/or in the search index. This would allow users to optionally unclutter the plex and/or the search index depending upon their preference, while still being able to view the "archived" thoughts with a toggle option to "View Archived Thoughts".

In addition, if we had an additional option to automatically set a greyed-out Archived thought option without having to actually change the thought type itself, that would be even better!

Just my initial thoughts and ideas.....

Will be interested in other users' preferences and suggestions. :-)

My preference would be for this "Archive" option to be completely independent and separate from the filter function since I might want to use the various filter options while keeping thoughts archived.
Some great detail here. We'll be sure to document this. Thanks.
Thanks again, Patrick.

As always, I genuinely appreciate your openness to user feedback. [thumb]

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