It's been non-functional for a long time, and probably results in many duplicate posts. I really like to know if others are already discussing an issue before I raise it; I'm sure many PB users feel the same. So although it is not a PB bug, I thought I'd mention it here.

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I'm glad you raised this issue. I have had problems with the sort order, see here:

From time to time it misses new posts.

But by far the worst is its inability to find terms even of more than three words, such as "color". Try searching for that.

It disallows Boolean and phrase search, see here:

So even though it refuses to search for three letter words, it is also impossible to combine three-letter words in phrases, see here:

When desperate, my remedy is to use Google instead, as described here:

I don't think disgusting is too strong a word for an issue which has been with us for so long without being properly addressed.

Alan Rhodes

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