I have shared this wish before, I use My Brain on the move, which means iOs iPhone, iPad, Android
Your design assumption still appears to be that I only want to "view" My Brains using mobile devices rather than create or edit them

WRONG! I have an iPad Pro so screen real estate is NOT the issue.

I recently started exploring Murder on the Orient Express, and was again frustrated that on my iPad I could not create either a New Tag "Red Herring" or New Types: Suspect, or Linkage

I also have a very limited means of viewing my Brains on my iOs device ie Parents - Thought - Children
As you can imagine with Agatha Christie the linkages require a more complex Viewing Option

Finally I just renamed My MOTOE Brain on my anchor of a desktop, could not find a way to do it on the iPad ... Resynched and the Old name is still stuck on the iPad.

Sigh...  Seriously Harlan, I have stuck with you for ages hoping you will keep driving this product FORWARDS
I really do love My Brains, but it looks like I am about to leave you behind, as you still appear to be stuck back in the Steam Desktop/Laptop Age. Task a Mobile First Team to take the product forwards into the next world.

Oh and by the way
I'd like to associate Apps & Real Things with my thoughts, and get data from my Things fed into my Brain
Example: The battery state of Cyril my Neato Robot Vacuum.

If your Mobile Team leap frogged me and took My Brains into the IoT world, I think I would cream myself!
Please let me in...
Yes @Adrius42, I really, really can understand you.

I´m a mobile person, too. On the road working with TheBrain as my digital brain is nearly impossible. With this concept all potential customers only having a smartphone or a Tablet will not pay such a lot of money for a software they can not use on the road. So it is clear TheBrain is a niche product for people who are working with a Windows or Mac computer and have the money to pay for it.

Harlan and his team are working hard on the mobile and web clients, but with actual the development speed we have to wait 1 or 2 years to get nearly full featured clients. And why is there such a different user interface between Dektop, Web and Mobile??
I also am a mobile user (Android).  When I'm away from my desk and ideas occur, the Note 8 or Tab E that I have with me allows me to capture those thoughts (no pun intended).  After all, how many times has Matt Caton made the point of getting thoughts into TheBrain?  Please make the mobile versions so that is possible without the contortions necessary.  E.g., capturing items from Flipboard, or an email or a webpage.  The Share icon is not working.
Dennis Ruth, CISSP Retired
Aerospace Scientist
Computer Scientist
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) US Army
Professor (Ret) National Defense University
 College of Information and Cyberspace
Current version is very limited. I hope there are plans to improve it’s functionality.  Files, Notes formating, multiple thought levels, calendar... so many ways it can be improved.  I appreciate that we have an IOS version, but it could really use more capabilities
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 10.0.54
Great discussion and feedback on our mobile devices.  I don't have any immediate announcements on updates to mobile Brains, but please know that your requests are well received and updates to the capabilities of iOS and Android Brains are being actively discussed. The release of v9 was a huge event that involved updates to Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Cloud.  Not just updates... new products from the ground up. Now that we're up and running we have the platform for faster releases and enhancements in the future.

Thank you,

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