Please re-instate the Details tab.

In 5.5 and earlier, the Details tab allowed "details" to be viewed by flying over thoughts in the plex.

This was much easier than requesting "Details" for each thought individually.

I also preferred the detail table that's in 5.5 and earlier!

I sometimes want to see when I created or modified a series of thoughts and as Cornan stated flying over the thoughts was much easier than having to call up each "detail" information individually.


I didn't mind at first, but over time I find it more and more annoying that it has gone and has been replaced. The new window also looks so different, it does not provide a consistent interface to the user.

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Mind over matter?
I don't mind and it doesn't matter.
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Have placed this wish already somewhere else.
Thanks for refreshing it.
Could never understand the logic that stole us this important window.

... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
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More details would also be nice:

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Hmm, I use the details information fairly frequently, and when I do, I like that I can now use an accelerator to pull up multiple details windows at once, and close when done. I don't have to stay on that thought for them to remain visible.

Just an alternate opinion.

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