Maybe it could be useful to implement layers on the plex.

Sometimes, I need to link one thought to 10 or 50 (jump) thoughts. However, that makes the plex too much confused. Layers could be the solution (to work like visual filters).

I know that Link types could fulfill that function through Reports.

However, I am not sure that —even in TheBrain 11— Reports can modify the plex so that it only shows filtered thoughts (this was available on version 8 and was very useful).

Thank you,


+1. Good idea. 
This could potentially be done with Thought Tags.  If I have a group of thoughts that are tagged with "Urgent Action Items"  I can then link just the "Urgent Action Items" tag to my Weekend thought (rather than linking all 10 individual items).


Thank you Matt for your answer!

However, that is not what I meant to propose or ask. Plex Layers would let you have several brains inside one brain.

This is a simple brain without any layers:

This would be the same brain with one layer activated (e.g. Lorenzo and his relationships with the Italian church):


I would link the thought Lorenzo di Medici with a lot of people, politics, artists, etc.; the possibility to create layers for each type of relationships would be very useful, for instance.

Link Type (neither Tags) would not fulfill that aim for two reasons:

1) I do not have the report function "filter" found in Thebrain 8 (that let the plex only shows the Thought selected).

2) Sometimes two Thoughts (two people, of instance) could be part of several layers of a brain.

In short, Layers should be a very different function o property, a new one, not even present in The Brain version 8.

Maybe you could have this: Thought Type, Thought Tag, and Thought layer !

Then, you would need to add a filter function (in Reports?) to display on the plex only the selected thought layer.

What do you think?

NOTE: Maybe I could get the same result using Tags as Layers. But in any case, I would need the Filter feature only available in TheBrain 8.0. In addition, it would be very useful that every Thought -created or linked with the Filter feature activated- add also the Tag or Layer automatically.

Note2: Filter feature (=Plex Layers) should be very dynamic in order to easily switch between views or layers (because human brain works really fast, one needs Thebrain does not lag behind). A panel with "saved reports" (as layers) could be the solution to easily load them and switch between them.

Best regards,

It was very good to have the Filter feature available again?

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