• select a link
  • open link details dialog
  • click on button for link type, select existing link type
  • —> Button shows selected link type
  • press pencil symbol right of link type button
  • —> link type details dialog opens
  • change the color
  • —> the new color is applied to the link details dialog the very moment
  • —> the color is NOT applied to the current link
  • change direction indicator to show an arrow/the other arrow
  • change the "One-way"-flag
  • —> no changes at all to the link details dialog
  • —> no changes at all on links within the plex (imho, that's ok, and the same when you change this property within the link details dialog)
  • click onto link details dialog
  • —> link type details dialog AND link details dialog disappear (?!!), I expected just the link type dialog to close
  • —> the changes within the link type details dialog are not reflected in the plex, there's no update
  • re-open the link details dialog
  • —> the change of the link type details is not even reflected within the link details dialog

You have to activate such a thought so that the link in question is not visible, and than to go back to the initial thought, with the link in question, in order to come the changes of the link type details to live (incl. color) / in order to refresh the plex.

Please note: if you change something on the link details dialog (excl. "One-way"), these changes are applied at one to the current link within the plex.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-10 um 09.28.21.png 

This issue has been fixed in our latest build.


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