Recent extensive search for Mac-compatible visual mind-mapping -- stumbled on PB and said THIS is it. Several hours intensive learning...EZ enough...

Decided to try out for organizing critical business presentation with short deadline. Now I've spent half my writing time futzing with this program; a waste of time; gotta move on

Please tell me I'm missing something -- How DO you sequence and arrange and rearrange your thoughts visually?... I thought it was drag and drop but can't seem to find it. Spent 3 hours going back thru docu and tutorials with no mention except for sort by Name or mod. date. totally useless



Hey Aarrgghhhh

Welcome to being a super Brain user! You're right, PB is a great option for presentations but there is a lack of manual ordering in normal mode which has been raised before and I beleive is on the feature list.

In the meantime there are several ways that PB makes for great presentations:

1) Number the child thoughts 01)... 02)... etc. Sorting by name automatically arranges your thoughts. Drawback of this is that it's clumsy if you want to change the order of thoughts, you got to renumber manually

2) Another is to have all the thoughts under a main parent thought, but then sequence each thought as a child of the previous in the sequence; that way you can simply roll down the list.

3) Probably the best is to use New Expanded view, arrange the thoughts manually as you like there, and then save that view. Then on the menu bar go to View>Load Expanded View and there you are. Manual ordering just as you wanted!

Merry Holidays!



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