Would you like to be able to wander through the notes in your desktop brain? votes

 Absolutely! This feature is important and should definitely be restored. 1 vote
 Yes -- Being able to wander through my notes would be helpful 2 votes
 I don't care one way or the other, but I see no harm in adding this feature as an optional preference 0 votes
 I don't know enough abut the Wander function to say one way or another 0 votes
 Wandering through my thoughts is enough. I don't need to see my notes at all. 0 votes
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This morning I was extremely disappointed to discover the wander function in TB10 no longer includes the option of wandering through the thought notes. Instead, only the thoughts wander in the plex, while the note editor remains frozen with whatever note content was visible when the wander process began.

When I asked support about this missing feature, I was told that other users have requested this option of wandering through the notes in the desktop brain, as well -- but, in spite of this user interest, "it was determined that this 'most likely' won't be fixed because updating the notes with each thought compromises the speed of the plex".

This puzzled me because I thought we had been able to wander through the notes previously -- and with a quick check in my installation of TB9, I discovered the wander function DOES include the notes in TB9. However, this option was apparently removed at some point from TB10.

Moreover, when I checked the animation speed in TB9 (where the notes ARE included in the wander process), I didn't see any problem with the plex animation speed at all. In fact, since the wander speed control settings in TB9 and TB10 are currently identical, and since the fastest wander speed option is EXTREMELY rapid, I don't understand why plex/animation speed is even an issue here.

In addition, for my potential use cases, I actually *prefer* a slower wander speed -- and, from a practical standpoint, it makes sense that wandering through the notes would be a bit slower, in order to allow brain users more time to review the contents in the notes.

In light of this, I have since asked Support if wandering through the notes could be restored as an optional preference setting. This option could be turned OFF by default -- and then, for those of us who do NOT have concerns about the speed issue, and who DO want to wander through the notes, it would be great to be able to turn this feature back on.

I would also like to know if there are other brain owners here who would like to have the option of wandering through their notes in the desktop brain. Your feedback in the poll above, along with any additional comments below about this missing wander feature will be appreciated.

FYI,  I received the following feedback from Matt earlier this week which was very helpful in explaining why the option of wandering through the notes had to be turned off. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that:
  • the new note editor in TB11 will not be subject to the previous display issue and
  • it might be possible to turn this feature back on at some point in the not-too-distant future.
I'll confirm that this option gets documented as a feature request. We did have to turn off the note updating for a reason. As you know, previous versions of TheBrain 9 and 10 also had trouble with the note area showing the WRONG content... Temporarily freezing/pausing the Note updating during Wander was a small piece of the puzzle in resolving this issue.

You are correct, that sometimes it appeared to update just fine in previous versions. If we can confirm that notes updating in Wander mode is 100% reliable and not causing any other related issues, I'm sure we'll look into bringing it back again.
+1 for notes when wandering. If the notes weren't correctly displayed when a thought became active, there's a clearly problem that needs to be resolved - stopping the display of notes doesn't resolve that problem.
Thanks for your feedback, dlorde. Glad to know you and others appreciate the value of wandering through the notes....

I also agree with you that freezing the note display is (at best) a work-around -- and I do hope the new note editor will allow for this feature to be restored (fixed) again.

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