Opened a brain on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Selected a Note and the brain immediately closed. Received a Splashbox advising TB kept crashing and offering an opportunity to either close or report. I reported, but don't have any reference number to provide.
Reopened and again crashed. Didn't report. Other possibly relevant factors: WiFi was not available so working off a phone signal only.
Later, when back on trusted WiFi the same brain was opened and the Note was accessed with a ABEND. Didn't report. Refreshed device and the brain opened and the Note opened normally and edits were made and synchronized to web and then to desktop.

The only other oddity was this was the first use of TB after a software update the previous evening.  Carrier is AT&T.
Dennis Ruth, CISSP Retired
Aerospace Scientist
Computer Scientist
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) US Army
Professor (Ret) National Defense University
 College of Information and Cyberspace

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