Hi, new user.  Is there a way to embed a working brain into a power point presentation?  So from the presentation I could navigate the brain.  This would also be great if I was emailing the presentation to someone so they could see/use it on their computer as well.

All tips are welcome and appreciate.  thanks...
I don't know how you could embed a Brain into PowerPoint, but you can access a Brain from PowerPoint. 

First, export your Brain (via File > Export > Simple HTML) to a folder on your hard drive. 

Second, upload it to a Website -- it doesn't have to be a sophisticated site, just some server space with URL and FTP access -- a free page you can get with some email, a folder on your company's shared or dedicated server, etc.

Finally, add a hyperlink to the PowerPoint presentation that links to the Brain. It will open a browser window, rather than opening in your PowerPoint template, but it will work.

Only way I see this working is for whatever machine that is viewing the PP presentation to have Personal Brain installed.  So, in essence, you'd just be opening the brain and then viewing it with PB.

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