I'm migrating to a new box, but don't immediately see a way to import/export TB preferences, other than for keyboard shortcuts.  Maybe I'm just not seeing where it is for Look & feel / ui and system settings.

In the end it I just manually made the settings on the new machine; it's not something I need often, but seeing as how I'm thinking about it just right at this exact minute, it has transformed for me into being the most crucial issue facing our planet.  I'll feel differently 2 minutes from now.

Suggest: export / import of all settings.
Thanks, EC! I've been wanting to be able to do this, too.
Well, here's one possibility: the TheBrainMeta.db file. (Not TheBrainMetta.db ... ÃƒÂ°Ã…¸Ëœâ€°)

In Windows, it's in c:\users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\TheBrain\MetaDB. The file contains the TB9 Preferences.

You can copy it from the first computer (when TheBrain is closed ) and save it to the same location on the new computer, when TheBrain is closed.
Backup the original file first, of course, just in case ...

You might want to wait until you get confirmation about this method from the TB admins/moderators.

We strongly recommend against copying this file over. There is data in the meta db file that should not be copied over to another machine. Keyboard shortcuts and Brain themes can be exported, but other preferences must be set manually.

Cheers, Sean

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