@Zenrain started a thread on text file previews and Harlan wrote in the last reply in that thread:

"Text files are rendered directly by TB9 instead of using QuickLook"

So, since the thread is now gone -- wanted to continue the discussion:

It's not accurate on OS X to assume "text is text is text".  Custom Quick Look previews are available for many "text files", and OS X already has native support for generic text file previews.  So, I see no reason, from an end-user perspective, to use custom rendering in TB9 for "text files".

(Alex -- the custom rendering is why you cannot see your markdown files correctly rendered in TB9.123)

Let's get this behavior changed, please, to render text using standard OS X methods.  Not doing so "wrecks" the ability to use markdown in TB9.**

**putting aside the standard "I hate Markdown" comments
Korm, I think you are misunderstanding what I said. Text files are rendered as text. Markdown is NOT rendered as text. Only files with the extension ".txt" are rendered as text. Everything else is rendered using Quick Look.

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