I think it would be useful to be able to create two or more "types" of links, perhaps labelled primary and secondary, etc.  This would permit clustering of concepts with the capability of linking the cluster to an associated cluster.

Example one: I have a time line with associations.  I would like to create a second cluster of associated genealogical entries which could be linked to the world cluster - but would like to turn on or off one of the two clusters.

Second example; I have a set of connections and thoughts that represent Propp's organization of fairy tales - this is an organization of characters and themes which occur across most fairy tales across many cultures.

But, I'd like to write a story, using the Propp structure- so I can run a jump from a Propp thought to the corresponding story thought.

But, I'd like to write a second story and also use Propp's general structure- Currently I run several jumps to the corresponding points in the stories and I label the links.  It would be convenient, however, to be able to type links so that I could turn on or off the "secondary," or "tertiary," etc. links in a PB.

One possible way to accomplish what I propose might also be to add a command that permits the user to turn on or off the visibility of thought and link "types"-- so if I make mall the thoughts and links of one cluster (such as a story) a type (Story one)- and if the user could turn on or off (make visible or invisible) all "story one" types - that might do it.

It's already been requested...

Filter based on Thought/Link type (attributes)
Let's bump this topic a bit since it just came up again at work.

I am building a very large org chart. Many of the thoughts are things that I want a link to, but I'd actually like to be able to turn that link and/or that thought off in certain views. For example:

Jim is currently posted as the head of production and has three positions under his control, however one of those positions is currently vacant.
Bob was the head of production before Jim, but is now posted as head of Engineering.
George is VCEO and both Jim and Bob answer to George. George used to be Head of Engineering prior to his promotion.

My org chart is simple, George(personnel thought type) is Jump connected to the VCEO (position thought type) on top, Jim(personnel) is jump connected to the H.Prod(position) which is a child of VCEO, Bob(personnel) is jump connected to H.Eng(position) which is a child of VCEO, and H.Prod has three child thoughts (position) of which two have jump connected (personnel)thoughts.

The org chart as described above does not show the history of the personnel and the positions. I don't want it to show everything all the time, but there are times that I'd like to know. ALSO, There may be more than one link that binds some of these thoughts.

I'd like to make a link type (previous posting) that I can turn off.
I'd like to make a thougth type (part time staff) that I can turn off.
I'd like to have a comma separated prefix or suffix in a thought name that connects to a parent thought so I can turn off the visibility of the prefix/suffix by turning off the visibility of the parent.

Oh yeah, and I want a pony ;-)

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