First of all, I'm on a trial subscription for using TheBrain software and I found it so helpful in getting things organized and getting things done.  I am a teacher, and I use it to put courses and classes together.
 The only thing I find TheBrain weak in - is its print capability. I put together a lot of subjects and topics and I use notes to refine my ideas of what I'm going to discuss in the classroom.
 The problem I'm having is getting some kind of printout that I can take with me into the classroom for my teaching.
  First, there really isn't a nice Outline format to PRINT. If I use Print Plex I get hundreds of connecting lines that interfere with the text.
  Second, I'd love to have a printout of the "Thought" with the notes included.  The thoughts are my topics and the notes are my discussions of the topic.  It would be so nice to have a real outline format of main subject with indented topics and under each topic the notes for that topic.
  Third, so right now I am printing out a large number of notes and I am completely lost on where the notes came from.  I wish when printing out the notes that the "Thought" would be displayed in a header or footer of those notes.  Now I have to copy the "Thought" as text and paste them into the notes. Something that I think should be make automatic.
  As I said before, I love the program but the weakest link is its print capability/function.
Printing is mainly to print the information in the plex.

Try selecting the thoughts you want to print (ctrl+click or ctrl-clicking a gate to select all the thoughts attached by that gate) and then right-click the selection box. 
Choose Copy as Text Outline with Notes and paste into your text editor.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
I am not sure what version of TheBrain you have (I have TheBrain 7) but that
" Copy as Text Outline with Notes " does appear anywhere.
I have "right-clicked" everything on all screens and I just can't find that selection.
I wish I could find that fuction for I think that would do the job but it is no where to be found.
Sorry  found it!  I don't know why I didn't read ALL your help  ctrl+click

Thanks, thanks so much.

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