I just have some presentation brain and I like to share it (like and handout) with the audience as PDF (we save the forest and everybody has even an iPad3 ...).

Ok the presentation is ready and now I like to print it into PDF.

Input: Thoughts, Labels, Pictures

How I define the printing-scope?
How I define the sequence (order) in the PDF?
How I can include the attached pictures (Thought-Captures-Icons) into the print.
How I can print the PB-mindmap-view into the PDF?


The printing scope is what appears in the plex at the time of printing. 
As far as I know there isn't way to include Thought Icons or labels into the printout.
Printing the mindmap should be opening the expanded view you are using, positioning it in the plex the way you want to see it and then printing.

If it was me I would probably print the plex outline to .pdf, then use Adobe Acrobat to combine your other information into a single file.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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