For those that are interested, and own Macro Express (probably not an incredibly large audience, but it may help someone), I'm including a macro I created to print copied thoughts, and include notes, the label, and keywords.

It's a self running macro, to use it select the thoughts you want and choose Edit > Copy Thoughts in PersonalBrain. Then double click the macro to run it (requires Macro Express to be installed).

What it does:
It will create a Thoughts.xml file on your desktop, and paste the copied thoughts from the clipboard in there. If it's not in the PB format, it will give you a message and stop.
It then creates an .htm file on the desktop, and will parse the .xml file, and write the results to the .htm file. When it's complete you will get a Done message, and the .xml file will be deleted.

Things to note:
Thought types are ignored (they are treated as thoughts in the .xml export file).

It has to run through the whole .xml file to get the information. Once it runs through the first time, it will retain the position of entries, and speed up considerably. However, I tested with 95 thoughts and it took approximately 90 seconds, so don't go copying hundreds of thoughts and expect it to be done in a few minutes. I would limit it to 100 thoughts max.

Some .html coding is accounted for, however, not everything is, so you may see some strange characters.

This is a brute force method, if the .xml format is changed in the future, it may or may not break the parsing logic.
I wouldn't purchase Macro Express just for this (not that it's not useful for other stuff though). Odds are the PB folks will add the option to print notes in the future, it's really not that hard with the .xml file export (no, I don't have any insider info, just conjecture).

Finally, use at your own risk.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Funny you should mention this--my thoughts were along pretty much the sames lines in this post here:


Always great to have another way of doing things.

Great suggestions and solutions here. This functionality is very much wanted as a standard in PB.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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