Hopefully this challenge is not too abstract because it's a daily challenge for me.

I'm using TheBrain pretty permanently and have the following challenge: 

Let's say I had 2 clients and I'm responsable for their online advertising. That would mean we are using 4 different advertising channels like Banner, Google Adwords, Mail, and SEO.

The priority of these channels for the clients are differently... and I'd like to use each channel only one time as a brain node because what happens inside a channel is nearly always the same.

Here are the different priorities of the clients: 
Client 1: 001 Banner, 002 Adwords, 003 SEO, 004 Mail
Client 2: 001 Adwords, 002 SEO, 003, Banner, 004 Mail

I'm using these numbers because I'd like to organize the nodes alphabetically in TheBrain.

Can you sense the challenge? 
Like that I cannot use the child nodes for more than one parent node.

Priorities with tags are also not helping. They wouldn't organize the child nodes under the parent nodes alphabetically and don't help because the priorities are different for the different clients.

What can I do?


In TheBrain 9 you can create custom sorts based on the thought name. However, this would require you to create different channel sub-items which would link to the main channel item. In essence, what you are probably already doing.

I can't think of anything that will sort the child thoughts based on active parent thought. 

To identify these different priorities I would create different Link Types (I would color code red = 1, green = 2, yellow = 3 or something that makes sense to you). Then I could assign a different link type based on the client priority. Although it wouldn't sort, I would still have a very clear indicator (label + link color) of the priority they assign to the different channels. 


Which leads to an interesting enhancement request: The ability to sort by link type (update, already requested here)
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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