Earlier this evening I ran into an issue that I thought was a sync bug in the current version of TB10.

However, it turned out to be user error. (My apologies for the false alarm!) 😊

Here's what happened.....

When I tried to make a new thought private, while my private thoughts were already turned OFF, I kept getting in-app error messages -- and then when I closed and reopened TB, the private thoughts I had created were not visible in the desktop brain, even though they were showing up in the web client after syncing.

Once I figured out what the problem was (with the private thoughts being hidden), then I realized there was no problem with the sync function at all.

However, there does still seem to be a bug associated with attempting to make thoughts private while private thoughts are hidden. At least, this action is now generating error messages, even though this was not a problem in the past. (Previously when I tried to make thoughts private when private thoughts were hidden, the new private thoughts simply disappeared -- and no error message was ever triggered.)

In light of this, I'm leaving my original output log attached to this message, in case it would be helpful in troubleshooting the in-app error messages I received (and submitted) when changing the privacy status on the aforementioned thoughts.

Also, in the course of trying to troubleshoot this issue in the web client, I documented several other current web client issues that I thought might (?) be related to what I (mistakenly) thought was a sync issue.

I'll leave this list here as well, since these are all current (active) issues in the web client:
> The web client display in Firefox remains erratic.
> The web client in both Firefox and Chrome often says I'm logged in many instances when I am not. (FYI, this bug was reported and resolved quite a long while ago in TB9, and now it apparently has returned.)
> Attachment tab controls are visible to brain visitors (without being fully functional) both when logged in and when logged out.

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