Have a pro license for PB 5.5
Just converted a couple to try on beta PB6.whatever.

Message popped up saying that pro features would not be available on my brains because they were created before the beta was???


I was planning on upgrading, but if none of my PRO features will be available, what is the point???  I've got to run two versions of PB if I want pre-beta pro files??

Does someone understand this??  Or can some one explain it?

Welcome to the forum!

It's explained under the release guidelines on the beta download page:

Unless you are ready to purchase the beta, you will need to create a new Brain for your beta testing. Older Brains will revert to the Free Edition. Once a Brain is opened and created in version 6 it cannot be used in the older version of the software.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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