I have problem pasting notes from web page with self-referenced bookmarks
The bookmarks was not redirected to it self in a Thought notes.
The way to repeat the problem,
  1. Go here in a browser:
  2. Select all and copy
  3. Create a new Thought in PersonalBrain
  4. add notes to the newly created brain by pasting
  5. Save and open the notes in a browser
  6. Scroll to the link "1 Pre-Columbian period" in the page's TOC
  7. You will open the wikipedia link, which should be somewhere down this page.

Java version
Version of PersonalBrain
Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB
Sorry what I mean is anchors. For example, the link titled "1 Pre-Columbian period" in the Contents part.

Saving from firefox works good, all links to anchors in that page are converted to pointing to itself. But EditLive doesn't if I just copy from the original wikipedia page. Copying from webpages saved by firefox(or any other browser) works.

Would you check that again?


Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB

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