In PB I have a repeating event for each tickler thought. I have 31 tickler thoughts each corresponding to a day in the month. On each thought I have a repeating event that repeats on the day of the month. For example on my thought named £16 I have a repeating event for the 16th of each month.
This works well for all thoughts/repeating events up to and including the 28th. The 29th, 30th and 31st are all repeated on the 28th. My guess is that because there is only 28 days in February these events are rescheduled to the 28th. I'm OK with the 31st being rescheduled to the 30th in a month with only 30 days, but it should be moved back to the 31st the next month that includes 31 days.
Did that make any sense?

Regards Hans Henrik Nørregaard
TB (Pro Combo) Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Java 1.8.0_211
Hans, Thank You for bringing this to our attention. I have noted this issue with our engineers.


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