In order to easily access geolocalised information stored in a brain (and visualize for which "départements" I have info available), I 've created a map with amCharts and added links to local thought (plus color for "départements" for which I have info available )carte MNA.png 

works like a charm if I open the map in Chrome, but I had to change my default browser to Chrome, which I'm not super happy with..

when clicking the link in firefox a blank page opens but noting else...

even more surprisingly : when clicking those links in theBrain browser the required thought does not get focus. a blank window opens : carte MNA - theBrain browser.png 

any suggestion on how to get this to work in TheBrain browser ? and in Firefox ?
PB on Windows 7 and 10
Thanks for posting. This can be a bit tricky, but it CAN be accomplished.  Each thought in your Brain has a local thought URL and a Web thought URL.  You can find these by right clicking on a Thought in the desktop app. In your scenario, you would want the Web Thought URL. The next hurtle is opening it in the same browser window which can be accomplished with some basic HTML trickery. For example, this code in a web page (that is in the content window of my web client Brain):

<p>Go <a href="https://bra.in/2pDQrq" target="_parent">to this thought</a></p>

Would take me to the new thought in the same Brain. The target="_parent" code is actually opening up a NEW web page, but in the same window/tab that I was already in.

Hi Matt, thanks for your answer, I'm afraid you read my post a little too quickly though ... ;-) ... I know it can be done because I did it !... my problem is that links only works with Chrome, not in Firefox nor in TheBrain browser. I just tried with a "_parent" target but it makes no difference

Also, I do not want to use the web url because I do not want to publish this brain online. what I'm trying to get to work is the local links

hope this clarifies my request ...

PB on Windows 7 and 10

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