Hi TB team,
not sure if this is still work in progress but I found some problems on the search function.

When we search for Thoughts names, we can reverse or skip words: (sorry for the large screenshots... the screen capture tool decided that I needed a big image)
Search Thoughts OK.png 
Search Test Default OK.png 

When the search is supposed to capture information included in a Notes section, we cannot skip or reverse words. It has to be an exact match - meaning that we won't find what we want most of the time.

Exact Match works:

Search inside notes OK.png 

Reverse order or skip word does not:
Out of order in Notes not OK.png  Skip word in Notes not OK.png 

Don't know how it works inside Attachments. Please, make it flexible like the thoughts search result - including reversed words and skip word.

One other thing - the Search List is too small. Very often, I have to scroll down to find what I need. Can you include more search results on the list? Make it has tall as the window size, if possible. At least double it, to minimize scrolling:

Short search list.png 


Excellent point. 

Yes, search is still in development, but I'll make sure this particular issue is documented.

Thank you,


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