There are two issues here (OS 10.4.11 / PB
(1) When the PB is displayed in one of two monitors and it is switched into the Presentation Mode, it causes the other monitor go black entirely. I have not seen this behavior with previous PB versions;
(2) When draging the Plex to a bigger monitor (suppose, from a laptop screen to an attached larger monitor), the plex cannot be expanded to take the entire screen surface by either clicking the "+" button, or by simply draging the window by the corner.
ilyatemkin, Thanks for posting. When placing PB into Presentation Mode, what you are 
essentially doing is setting PB to full scree mode. 

In order to have PB take over your full screen, PB has to take over all monitors 
therefore causing your second monitor to go black.

Regarding the second issue, we will run some tests to see if we can track this one down.



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