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Lately, I’ve really ramped up my use of TheBrain 9 as I’ve started a new line of work/study.  As with any proprietary software, the question always pops up in my mind as to said products longevity and future development plans.  Have there been any posts re what’s next for TheBrain?  The forums/blog are relatively low volume so I’ve found it difficult to find any roadmap related info post v10.

@johnsonbi ~

Although many users (myself included) share your interest in knowing more about what fixes and features are in development, TheBrain team usually does not provide much in the way of a development roadmap or a projected timeline for new features.

Instead, the majority of us simply submit our feature requests here in the forum, and our bug reports in the Help Desk, and then we wait to see which items will be fixed and implemented in upcoming releases.
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+1 for a Road Map

Equally, if not more, valuable to me would be a list of the top priority bugs (bug fixes) currently under review.
Sorry folks, it is our common practice (as it is with many other tech companies) to not pre-release future updates.  One new feature may disable another, or not work as intended, take longer to develop, etc. TheBrain is under constant development. To stay on top of all of our latest updates and achievements, you can always switch over to the Alpha Channel in the app.

The Alpha channel contains frequent updates and provides access to the very latest versions. It is the recommended channel if you have an urgent need for a fix that is not yet available on the Stable channel and do not mind frequent updates.

To get on the Alpha channel:

Windows: Go to Options > Preferences > System > Updates, and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to Help > Check for Update, and install the update.

macOS: Go to TheBrain > Preferences > System > Updates and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to TheBrain > Check for Update, and install the update.

Thank you,
I offer this with respect to the complexity of software development in a multiplatform ever-changing environment!

One thing that has helped make The Brain great is the respect for the user (the UI has a paradigm that must be learned and understood by users). You trust that the users can overcome this challenge and you support them. I think you could take a chance on sharing more with your users here. Not necessarily that Feature X will come on Date Z, but just generally where you see the product going.  Maybe you have done this in the past, but I don't think this user base is the kind to walk away because of a change.

Another difference is your users invest a ton of personal energy into using the product. They are rightly a little nervous.

So I get no roadmap, but...

+1 for "sharing a little more about where you are headed"

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