I know it's been addressed before, but doesn't seem to be solved: In my 2-screen-environment with PB on the primary display in full-screen floating mode the program freezes every now and then with no apparent similarities between the situations. The latest change is not visible then but correctly executed, which you can see after restarting.

If you experience intermittent crashes where the entire application shuts down without any error message or hanging, try turning off hardware graphics acceleration:

1. Close PB4

2. Create a text file and put the following content into it:


Make sure there is a linefeed (Enter) at the of the text. Save this file and name it PersonalBrain.vmoptions in the PB program folder.

3. Restart PB4.

Please let me know if this makes a difference. If it does, then there may be a problem with your graphics drivers. See if there is an update available from your graphics card vendor or from Microsoft.


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