This software has been inspirational to me in many ways, but I am always wanting more.

I think the next version needs the ability to program thoughts and thought types and links and link types. For example, I want a thought that acts as a password gateway. Any decendant thoughts require the password thought to be activated first.

I want the list of thought types to be taken from a brain file called thought types that enherit their properties from the types.

I want the current active thought to dynamically change theBrain functions based on preset programming. For example, if the thought is a music file then I want the thought to change the background and play the file until the end before wandering to the next thought.

I want to filter based on thought type or link type. For example, I have my org chart in theBrain with all my succession planning. I need to filter out all the persons who are candidates for positions and only look at the selected. Or, if I want to generate an org chart for one department, I need to filter out the rest of the brain file and export the chart. If the thought types and link types are taken from a brain file themselves, then I want to be able to filter the available types. Program theBrain with theBrain...

I am not happy with the Outlook integration. I want the Brain to get into the incoming mail and start linking things together. It has to be able to track the email after I move it. In fact, the incoming email should be a thought and the program should be looking at who the email is from and what the subject is so that it can predict the linked thoughts.

I need a thought to hyperlink to a point in a file, not just the file itself. I need to insert a character in a document that links back to a though in the brain file. (two way hyperlinking)

I need my brain to link to a thought in another brain so that I can read the other brain without leaving my own. I want to add my thoughts to that brain and see thoughts that others have added to the brain. I want to filter those thoughts based on the users who I have selected. Those users are found in a brain file and they are programmable.

Now I'm wandering... in my brain..

Greg Walker
brain junkie

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