I frequently am asked by my boss to provide the status of various tasks/projects i am working on. What he is looking for is a graphical/text (image?) which displays what has been done, what is in progress, what is not yet started etc.

My question is does anyone else have this situation and if so how is it handled within PB.

Ex. Task: Perform a traffic signal study
                 Subtask1: Get traffic counts              
                 Subtask2:Get crash data
                 Subtask3:Get pedestrian counts
                 Subtask4erform a Warrant Study
                 Subtask 5:Submit request to the LaDoTD
Each of these lines would have a graphic or similar text showing the state of completion, 10%, 45%, 100%, etc. I would then take a 'snapshot' or outline of this information and email to the higher ups.

I have this sit all the time. Projects, mini-projects, next actions. Outline mode handles this nicely. You make your subtasks, or sub-projects children of the main task/project. Then you can view them in outline mode.
It would be useful to specify a thought icon for each thought type. Then if you created types %00, %25, %50, %75, %100 and associated appropriate pie-chart-like icons with each, you would have a great visual and printable indicator of job progress.

Unfortunately, this suggestion doesn't immediately help because you can not (yet!) associate thought icons with thought types.

You could, however, manually attached appropriate images to each job to indicate it's status.

-- Sam

One way would be to create a parent for Completion %, and children with the percentage complete that you represent, preceded by the number to display (1. 100%, 2. 75%, 3. 50%, 4. 25%, not started, you have to do it this way, otherwise it won't order correctly). Then link your project steps to the % thought that applies to it, or depending on the granularity, project steps.

At this point you can either:
  • Print the plex - for this display in outline view, enlarge the text to the maximum size and position so the thoughts are as close to each margin as you can get them.
  • Export to outline view. Choose your parent thought Completion % and then choose Edit > Crawl Brain and Modify Selection. Select Childward, and do not exceed 8 thoughts away (or however low your children subthoughts extend.Then in the selection window right-click and copy as text outline. Paste, and you should be set.
See below for examples:
Pasted Text:
Completion %
    1. 100%
        Test 1
        Test 2
        Test 4
    2. 75%
    3. 50%
        Test 10
        Test 9
    4. 25%
        Test 6
        Test 8
    Not started

Another way is to create thought types for your % complete and assign a graphic for each type (this will only work if you don't need another thought type for these thoughts). The printout wouldn't be as easy as the above method, you would most likely have to do expanded mode to view all the separate projects.

Hope this helps

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Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.......
I just wanted to make a quick comment on post #3. You can add an icon to a Thought Type so that every time you select this Type to a Thought, the icon will automatically show. To do this, when you go to create a new Type (or edit an existing type) notice the bottom half of this screen, you can  simply copy and paste within this area and it will paste the icon. I think this will work very nicely for your Project example.. Anytime you add thought type "50% Completed" (as example) your 50% icon appears..
Tracy Barr
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