Although I make backups, if someone changes my brain on webbrain.com and I do a synch, those changes will ripple down to my master copy on my computer.  Could you offer two new options:

  1. Read-only brains - let people look but not change
  2. One-way synch - upload from the desktop to the webbrain, but don't allow changes to come back down.  (I guess I could zip the brain and reload it, but it seems like one-way synch would be faster.)

Of course, if you offered option 1 then I would not need option 2.


The WebBrains *ARE* Read-only.

Someone can only update your WebBrain if they can Login to your account.

Thanks for that - I can't explain what happened...  I created a frame on my website to contain my brain.  When I went to my brain I was able to edit it...  Maybe Firefox auto-logged me in, or maybe I also had the brain open in another window.

I will do some more tests - but that is great news!


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