g'Day, I'm looking for clarification of my understanding for brain access which is as follows. To start with I have a pro combo account...

Public Brain
  • Can access using web link
  • Can't access via android or iOS app
  • People don't need an account to view
  • They won't be able to see private thoughts
  • They will be able to see images & web attachments
  • They won't be able to see file attachments
Private Brain User Access
  • The will get an email invitation
  • If they don't have a brain account they will need to create one
  • They can access using web link
  • The brain will show up in their android or iOS brains list
  • The brain will show up in their desktop brains list
  • They can access private thoughts
  • They can see images & web attachments
  • Free account can't see file attachments
  • Can Pro Account see file attachments?
Did I miss anything?
An implication of the above that would seem useful might be...

If I have a brain with quite a bit of private thoughts I can make the brain public and none of these thoughts would be visible and the private thoughts could be made visible by providing explicit user access via email address.

Can one actually do this?
Just tested this an it works marvelously. I'm presently amazingly impressed!!!

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