Could remote access be used as a way to give certain users the ability to use the desktop version of a Brain, without having it on their computer?  

I guess it wouldn't solve the problem of "private thoughts," since I'm having trouble thinking of a way to not allow access to private thoughts if someone is accessing the Brain on a desktop that has that Brain on it.  Anyone see something I haven't thought of?

It could solve other problems though:

1.  The big weaknesses of Webbrain when it comes to things like reports, searching, even one-way links.  
2.  The IP problems of Teambrain in terms of having to give someone a copy of the Brain for their computer, although the unreliable syncing of thought icons also makes this option infeasible. 

Not sure how practical it is if you want 10 people to be able to have remote access.  Would have to have 10 different laptops?   

Any other great insights on this?  Now obviously the question is whether some of these problems will be resolved any time soon, lessening the value of a "remote in" option, but "waiting to see" isn't necessarily a great strategy either.


I'm not quite sure I understand the question. It wouldn't be possible for anyone to use a local version of a Brain without installing TheBrain application.
Sure they could if they were remotely accessing and operating the computer that has TheBrain installed.  I can see a bunch of issues with the idea mind you, just looking at options.  

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