When you create a website from a personal brain, you get a bunch of javascript and xml code. The website is static, in the sense that the code doesn't come out of a database, but it's dynamic, in the sense that it's not simple and straight html, and you only get to the good stuff (your notes files) when you do something via javascript.

This means that google ignores such websites. Period. You can advertise the website with google -- it will not traverse and will not search it. Neither will the personal search engine google puts out will find anything in such a site.

So while the brain, as an application, is simply awesome, it generates unsearchable, unpublishable websites -- google doesn't know about them and you cannot search inside them. This raises several nasty issues:

- Re searching the website, I'm sure that the good folks at TheBrain will at some point include a search engine on the resulting brain website, so that users could access thoughts through a search engine, just like on the Brain website. In the meantime, nothing third-party will work.

- Re google -- this is almost an unsolvable problem. Google is web-reality. If something is not on google then it is not.

Has anyone given any thought to these issues? Anyone thought up a workaround? How to make google find stuff on a brain-generated website??
Well, every thought has its URL, so I guess it should be possible to create a pseudo-navigation by adding some links (to the "google-relevant"-stuff) into the start-thought.  (Similar to the navigation you see on
The idea that one should have to do something special per thought in order to get google to include it is obscene! The whole point of the brain is the ease with which one can connect information. There's no point in penalizing a user after everything has been created and put in place. There can be n+1 automatic and semi-automatic solutions to this problem. The real question is whether the good folks at TheBrain are aware of this issue and whether they are committed to finding a solution.


Export it as simple HTML instead of a sitebrain--the code is pretty darn clean.

Not sure which version you need to do this, but it works in Pro.


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