Hello everyone,
Every time in pushing F4 in thebrain to make a research, it asks me if I want to use a specific search engine:


I find that very interesting, but it gets very annoying when you use a lot internet. Every time we have to answer before opening the browser;
Can we have an option in the preferences to just lock on a search engine if we want? This way if we have to navigate between different engine we can live the option uncheck or if we have to use one specific engine we can check the option. 


Click on the Edit button in the Search Web Box and move your desired default search engine to the top of the list.  You can then skip the step of making a selection.  You can change the default at any time by editing/modifying the top entry.

Hello Matt, thank you for your answer;
English is clearly not my first language so😅, bear with me for a second:
what I really meant is to avoid the web search menu altogether. Ideally F4 directly open a browser without having to go through the web search menu every time.

I do a lot of research for work with internet. Having to go through a menu every time I push F4 defy the propose of having a shortcut if you have to use "enter" after using F4?

Thank you

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