I'm considering gettng a NAS, one of the reasons to do so is to be able to put my brains on it and access them from PCs (on which TheBrain is installed) that are connected to my lan. Normally, I would take for granted that it is possible. But I saw two posts in the forums (links below) that suggests that it isn't, or at least, that I shouldn't do that.

One of those posts is from Harlan (made in 2008), and the other, from pthompson (made in 2012). Harlan wrote that if network connection drops, it could results in database corruption. And pthompson wrote that puting brains databases on any kind of network storage solution has statistically caused problems more often than not.

So I'd like to know if those recommendations are still valid in 2018, even with a fast lan (1000 Mbps, or even 10 Gbps)? Also: is there a difference in that regard between version 8 and version 9? I'm still using version 8 (I prefer the way certain things, important to me, are done in version 8). But if it's not possible to use brains safely from a LAN with version 8, and it IS possible with version 9 (improved reliability?), that would weigh heavily in the balance toward upgrading to version 9.


Link to the thread with Harlan's post (NOT the first "post" of the thread): Running PersonalBrain from a USB Drive

Link to the thread with pthompson's post: Brain on NAS not indexed?



Changing the location of your Brain storage to any type of removable or network drive is not recommended or supported. Doing so will result in data corruption. TheBrain depends on a connection to its databases at all times. If we could completely block a Brain 9 user from moving their storage location to a removable drive, we would. Since we cannot prevent this, we have strong warning messages for users when moving the location of their storage within the application. It's up to you, the user, to heed this advice.

Thank you,


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